Our story

CPEA Cameroon endeavours to bring together expertise, experience and energies across the civil society, the country’s youth, international institutions and organisations, and unions in order to submit recommendations that will help the Government of our country to cope with such challenges.

CPEA Cameroon will establish dedicated commissions in respect of all the above thematics to enable each and every member, expert, partner and supporter to contribute live or online to round tables, conferences and publications in order to ensure the largest diffusion of our collective work within the public opinion and government bodies.


CPEA Cameroon’s spirit

Considering all the major challenges and difficulties that our country continues to face, the purpose of the CPEA Cameroon is to be an interactive forum that will identify the trends and contribute to shape remediation proposals in the extended fields of economy, politics, security and defence, health and social affairs as well as technology and infrastructures.

Our method

The participative and interactive debate is open to any subscriber or ordinary citizen to intervene, consult and propose their vision of our society.

Many experts will contribute to these exchanges.

The strong ideas of this participative democracy will be the subject of proposals to the institutions and the executive and publications to the citizens.