Young Cameroonian Creates App To Solve School Dilemma In NW/SW

Francis Fon Teboh (, a young Cameroonian Technology Entrepreneur is amongst the finest in the country, as his innovative app known as SIMS® that works even without internet access and or smart phones, is being acclaimed by many as a solution to the dilemma surrounding education in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

SIMS® vision, according to the great mind, is for it to be the world’s largest learning platform designed to provide learners (students, business owners, etc.), educators and administrators with a single robust, secured and integrated system to create personalized learning environments.

It is an innovative education technology platform that helps to identify, create and connect all learners with the resources and tools needed to reach their full education, career & business potential with & without internet access.

Just like an Antivirus, the Cross platform application SIMS® works almost free of charge and without internet connectivity.

SIMS®, expected to be launched next month, is capable of helping actors learn, teach and take exams even from their bedroom simply with their smartphones or computers.

Speaking to The SUN recently, Teboh explained that he became inspired by the challenges he faced decades ago as well as the on-going crisis, which caused him to drop out of school to create a company that created an app which now makes others learn anywhere, anytime. “Education is the only tool to solving the puzzles of the Universe” TEBOH averred.

The app focuses on addressing problems such as:

• Lack of real time career orientation especially for university students in developing countries

• Inadequate rich-educational & customized learning resources in developing countries

• Lack of unique collaborative platform between learners of same educational institutions in or out of school for research & brainstorming

• Poor administration of schools by proprietors, administrators or managers.

Currently SIMS® is made up of the following:

SIMS® Learner-Learning app & tablet for students & teachers in developing countries especially in war or crisis areas like the NW/SW;

SIMS® Manager-School Information Management System for school professionals;

SIMS® Business- A learning App for Entrepreneurs, SME Owners & Professionals to learn the skills they need in businesses, their career and or jobs without leaving their respective environments and at their own pace;

SIMS® Lab: A Virtual Reality Eye Glass to be used by students or learners in developing countries to get real time experience in laboratory learning and so on. With this, students in Africa could diagnose animals, etc. in real time using Virtual Reality.

Two educational Institutions in Cameroon have been benefiting from SIMS Manager already for more than 2 years. “As a proprietor, even while I travel out of Douala/Cameroon, I am able to manage my school using SIMS Manager”, Frederic Tchouta-Proprietor, Groupe Bilingue Scholaire La Fierte Kotto says.

SIMS® is a community project and flagship product of VTC which recently won a 5000 USD seed funding from Tony Elumelu Foundation 2019.

VTC , it should be recalled is an innovation-centered company that designs, develops, and coordinates digital technology solutions that solve real societal, industrial & business problems.

Founded in Buea early 2012, operations later moved to Douala in 2015 where it was legally registered and has so far served close to 500 clients mostly SMEs within Cameroon and a few abroad VTC now prides herself as one of TOP IT companies attracting multinationals as clients and has recently been nominated for best Tech companies in the AB Afrikpreneur Awards 2019.

Its CEO, Francis Fon Teboh was in 2016 selected “Top 100 Hitech entrepreneurs by Israeli Embassy in Cameroon 2016”, and he is amongst one hundred and two Cameroonians selected to take part in the 5th cycle of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme to be organized in Abuja, Nigeria.

Concerning the SIMS® app, TEBOH says “For now, I need investment to complete it and to market it not only in Cameroon but all crisis areas or allover Africa”.

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